How to Be Happy at Work

I don't know if everyone is able to feel it, but happiness at work exists . Most of us have ever fallen into what Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls a state of flow , a moment in which you are absorbed in ..

I don't know if everyone is able to feel it, but happiness at work exists . Most of us have ever fallen into what Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls a state of flow , a moment in which you are absorbed in your creativity and feel great satisfaction in developing your work. Even if you are working, those moments of happiness are perfectly comparable to those you spend with your family and friends.

If you can experience these flow states on a recurring basis while working, it turns out that work is no longer a mere instrument to pay bills and becomes an important part of your happiness. There are those who say, and I strongly agree, that you cannot be happy in life if you are not happy at work .

Your company finds it very interesting that you are happy at work. A happy worker is a more committed and less stressed worker, he finishes his tasks earlier and with fewer errors, has 65% more energy, makes better decisions and stays up to 4 times longer in the company. And as you try harder and more productive, the company's results improve. That is why more and more companies are concerned with generating this intangible in the workplace, looking for happier and more committed workers that result in efficiency and profitability.

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But achieving it is not easy, because we do not know very well what happiness is — each person understands it in a different way — and, of course, we do not know how to measure it. What you cannot lose sight of is that each individual is solely responsible for their happiness .


Salary increases and other benefits, such as free access to a gym, free coffees, etc. they only manage to improve the feeling of happiness temporarily, in the short term. For two reasons: because from a certain quality of life more money hardly increases our happiness , and because the human being gets used to everything. Once you have become accustomed that coffee is free every day, you no longer perceive it as something extraordinary that brings satisfaction or motivation to your work.

You cannot "sell" that happiness, all you can do is create the right conditions for each person to find their own space, encouraging their intrinsic motivation . In general, an individual feels motivated and satisfied when he has autonomy to do his job, when he is able to improve his skills, and when he works with a purpose ( the three pillars of motivation ).

No matter what nonsense they offer you. In the end, happiness at work is essentially about doing what you like - or getting you to like what you do - and a good relationship with the rest of your colleagues.

Anyway, we must be clear that the work will provide us with a wide variety of emotions. A company is precisely a paradise in which there are no problems or conflicts. The good atmosphere should not prevent the appearance and debate of different opinions and ideas. There will also be bad times that simply have to be overcome.

Here is a very interesting and fun talk (Spanish subtitles) by Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage , about the importance of positive psychology to be happy at work:

Unless you live under some coconut trees on a paradise island without any worry - hey, dreaming is free! - surely you spend most of your days at work. Since this is a fact, it is absolutely essential that your working life be fruitful in every way .

To do this, you need a place where you can grow and where you are motivated; and a job where you are happy doing what you do . While it is not as easy as it seems, it is very important that things go well for you.

To help you achieve your goals and feel fulfilled at work, we present 7 books that will be your best companions .


Mathematics and happiness can go hand in hand. In fact, the algorithm of happiness exists. After designing a formula to live in a state of permanent happiness and after testing it when your child died suddenly, Mo Gawdat intends to explain it to you.With this book you can understand what is behind the suffering and see how to clear the formula to achieve lasting happiness.


We are happy in potential. To be an act, we need simple tools to improve the habits we have in each area of ​​our lives and begin to master what we think and feel.In Elevate , Pepe Monserrate tells you everything that we were not taught in school but that is key to defining what we want in our lives and how to achieve it.


The coaching is a word that is on everyone 's lips, and the reason is obvious: it works.Put a coach in your life and discover your resources and possibilities to move from the 'now' in which you live to the 'now' in which you want to live. Laura Chicawill help you develop, grow, achieve, change and, above all, shine!


If you lead or are part of a team, you know that workers are the core of everything that is built later. If the team is motivated; It is effective and, consequently, the people who compose it feel fulfilled.How to get it? Start with The Little Book of motivation , of Rubén Turienzo , where you will find 5 large blocks with 10 major theories of motivation.


Pet cats to fight chaos. No, it is not a joke; It is one of the .In these pages you will live an exciting journey through history that, with humor and amenity, seeks to find fullness in the life of the human being. The best of the antidotes in your hands.


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