The Impossibility of Chasing Happiness - A Harvard study reveals 6 basic points to be happy

There are many investigations that have been carried out to know more about happiness . Even more so in the current times, in which there is a great obsession to be happy. Researchers have long been t..

There are many investigations that have been carried out to know more about happiness . Even more so in the current times, in which there is a great obsession to be happy. Researchers have long been trying to discover what makes happy people different, because, unfortunately, not everyone is.

Each of us lives life in different ways and that has positive or negative consequences on the emotional state. Happy people have their way of thinking and acting , their own attitude towards life and others, and the events that occur around them, which helps them maintain a more lasting state of happiness.

In today's article, we are going to talk about an investigation carried out by Harvard University that has lasted no more or less than 75 years, and that has tried to know what the key to happiness is. So keep reading, because this interests you.

The longitudinal study of Harvard University on happiness
Harvard is the best university in the world to study Psychology , and since 1938 has conducted a study on happiness that had 268 subjects. The results were published in a book by George Vaillant in 2012, a psychiatrist who led the research from 1972 to 2004. For decades, researchers evaluated different areas in the lives of participants and obtained data on different variables, such as their level of intelligence, income, alcohol consumption or interpersonal relationships.


In summary, these are the conclusions of this research and, therefore, the keys to happiness .

1. Value love above all
The study concludes that we should not underestimate the power of love because it is the key to happiness . Dr. George Vaillant states that there are two essential things to be happy: “One of them is love. The other is to find a way to face the situations that make love want to go. ”

After the study that cost 20 million dollars and lasted 75 years, the psychiatrist concludes: “Happiness is love. Point and end ”. So, after this statement, one thing must be clear. You have to open your heart to be happy.

2. Meaningful relationships and connections matter a lot
This is not new to this study, as many investigations state that friendship and family are extremely important for our well-being and our happiness . In fact, there is scientific evidence that states that a good relationship with coworkers has a positive effect in reducing stress, which is known as a protective factor.

Not only that, but Valian says "not only healthy relationships are a good indicator of satisfaction in life, but a strong connection to the work we do makes us happier."

3. Do not abuse alcohol
Like any drug, alcohol can cause serious health problems for the person who consumes it . Not only that. It is also capable of destroying lives. The Harvard University study concludes that there is a strong correlation between alcohol abuse and depression and emotional problems. In fact, both alcohol and tobacco use are one of the leading causes of mortality.

Drugs produce many negative effects for humans. Do you want to know what happens when we consume them? Well, click on this link .

4. Money does not make you happier
The results of this long investigation show that money does not give happiness . Therefore, it is wrong to think that we must work to get the maximum economic benefit.

As Vaillant himself explains, "the really important thing is to be happy in the work you do."

But money not only does not make you happier, but it changes you as a person. It changes you worse . Money corrupts people, who are easy to bribe. Therefore, it is important to know the results of another study carried out in Spain, specifically by a group of researchers from the Jaume I University of Castellón, in which it is concluded that rejecting a bribe produces more stress than accepting it.

It is common for many people to think that money makes you happier . And of course, as the world works, money is a basic necessity. Now, to think that the more money we have the happier we will be is a wrong idea. Money is able to make us rethink our own principles, and every day we can read or hear news from people who become corrupt when they move large amounts of "green gold."

In addition, the popular phrase that says "money moves the world" is even more true after knowing the results of a study by the University of North Carolina (United States) that concludes that people change their behavior if there is money through . In fact, the group of subjects in their experiment was able to increase their scores on a verbal test when there was money involved. In other words, "pasta" makes us smarter. "

You can know more about these investigations in our post: Science states that money is a drug and does not give happiness .

5. Being optimistic makes you happier as long as you are a conscientious person
According to this study, optimism makes us happier . The researchers conclude that "after observing the evolution of the subjects, we found that cheerful and optimistic children were happier and lived to an advanced age." But the same study also concludes that conscientious and responsible people showed higher levels of life satisfaction. So optimism alone does not necessarily make you happier.

6. You can find happiness at any time in your life, so it is never too late to change
Happiness has a lot to do with how we interpret the world and, therefore, with our way of thinking. There are people who can be very unhappy for years, and, as a result of a bad experience, begin to value small things day by day .

This shows that you can learn to be happy. In other words, it is possible to do things to be happier. If you are not, you should rethink your way of thinking and your daily habits. Maybe you do something wrong.

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