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1939 New York World's Fair - Part 1 of 2 - A Home Movie Spectacular!

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Published on 28 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

Filmed by my Grandfather. None of this footage has appeared in any World's Fair documentary anywhere!
Trylon and Perisphere, the theme center at the site of the present Unisphere.
Electric Utilities Pavilion with "hydraulic dam."
Crowd scenes around the theme center.
A rare glimpse at the underbelly of the Perisphere.
Fairgoers exiting from the Perisphere.
The Avenue of Patriots.
Communications Plaza and Hall of Communications (with the red pylons).
Star Pylon on Main Street.
A long panning view of the British Pavilion and the Italian Pavilion (yes, Fascist Italy) filmed across from the Lagoon of Nations.
Petroleum Pavilion.
Unidentified wedge-shaped building.
Bird's eye views filmed from the Perisphere - illegally! Grandpa somehow convinced the guard that he was there on official business.
Pennsylvania Pavilion (mimicking Independence Hall) and Court of States.
RAILROADS ON PARADE: A live pageant featuring historic trains (or faithful reproductions) portraying the story of land transportation in America, beginning with the pioneers up to (but not including!) the introduction of automobiles.

TRIVIA: The red and blue buggies seen at 2:04 bear the name "American Express" which at that time was an express courier service.

PART TWO continues with:
Gardens on Parade
Constitution Mall
Federal Pavilion
Night Views
Lagoon of Nations
Fireworks Finale

Filmed on 16mm by Gustave A. Martens (1900-1977) of College Point, NY.

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